March 6th, 2007


Special Constables Ready to Ride the Bus
Josh Pringle
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

There will be an extra passenger on OC Transpo buses, the O-Train and in transit stations next month.

The Ottawa Sun and CTV Ottawa report 39 OC Transpo bus cops with special constable status will be along for the ride starting April 1st.

Uniformed and plain clothes OC Transpo security officers will help improve safety on Ottawa's transit system.

The City of Ottawa, OC Transpo and Ottawa Police began working on acquiring the special constable status for OC Transpo officers last September.

The officers will be armed with pepper foam and batons.

The special constables have the powers to enforce the Criminal Code of Canada and arrest anyone caught breaking the law.

Best bus ride in a long time...

I just got back from Algonquin reading week (break) had a crummy one as a matter fact, pile of stress on me at the moment with school and work and other activities all bundled into one thing. I had an okay morning from 7am-3pm. What made it even better was being on the 118 Kanata at 3pm bus number 6167. =) Getting on at Baseline Station with others, just pulling out of baseline, singing appeared over the speaker.
It was the friendly bus driver =) I got the words to ' come see that i love you ' stuck in my head. Don't know if thats the title of the song, but he sung it well. Everyone fell silent when he started, and applaud at the end. Months of hearing about the " Singing bus drivers. " finally got the driver that sings over the speakers.

Mr. Bus Driver sir, you made the start of my week great ! From a crummy mood to a nice cheery mood =)
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Every time a bus driver forgets to turn on the light at the back of the bus for me to get off, some genius passenger always has to say, "You have to push the bar!" Yeah, THANKS!

And then today, this lady scolded me for it when the bus never even stopped. The bus never pulled over, rolled right by the stop, and she still gave me the "Press the bar to get off" patronizing speech. If only! I'd love to start every work day with a tuck'n'roll off the transitway.