March 1st, 2007


Stroller Rant

Okay so over the years, I have been very patient and tolerant of strollers on the bus. In fact, I have even defended them a few times. But today I have a stroller rant.

So I get on the bus to go to school and it's 3pm going towards Downtown, so the bus isn't very busy. I have my book bag/laptop case with me. It's a side bag, but doesn't take up a lot of room, and I usually pull it close to my side when I have to squeeze in somewhere and it's fine. So yes, I get on the bus and show the driver my bus pass and go to sit down and what do I see? Not one, but two strollers blocking the aisle. Lucky me. And both mothers look at me like, "Gee, that's going to be a difficult maneuver. I wonder how she's going to manage that." Neither move their stroller to help me out. Well, I'm not going stand there for the rest of my ride and block the front section of the bus, especially when the entire back of the bus is basically empty. So, I pull my bag close to me and go to squeeze through. When I'm almost through the stroller trap, my bag gets a little stuck on one of the stroller and I bump it a little and the woman gives me a dirty look. Oh well, excuse me for trying to get to a seat! No no, don't move your stroller so your kid doesn't get bumped around.

Okay, so I felt bad for the kid, even though a little bump isn't really that bad. But mothers, move your strollers! I still have no real beef with strollers on the us. I do, however, have a problem with stupid people with strollers on a bus.

Oh, and to the lady whose stroller I bumped and who gave me a dirty look: Every time you got up to move the stroller for the people getting on at the stops after mine (at least you presumably learnt something), your pants were so low that I could see more than half of your bright, yellow thong. And thongs aren't very big, so to see that much of it, well I saw a lot more of you than I would have liked, as did the rest of the bus. You're a mother and a role model for your poor children, please pull up your pants. Thank you.
Simon's Cat

A stroller mom with common sense!

The most recent stroller rant reminded me of something amazing that I saw on the 86 this afternoon. This woman had flipped up the bench at the front and had placed her stroller (which contained the world's most adorable baby - and I don't even like kids!) in the newly-created empty space, thus leaving the aisle completely clear. I wanted to hug her.