February 21st, 2007

Please be careful!

For bus drivers who have the 27 route from Orleans in the morning, please be careful! There is a stop that is right next to the Queenswood Community centre, and is about 6 feet away from a stop sign and two elementary schools (One french catholic, the other public). The problem is, most drivers seem to forget a stop sign is there and speed up then slam on the brakes. On Monday, my father go on the bus around 6:30 (I think, I'm not sure of the exact time) and the driver sped up quickly then slammed the brakes before my father had time to sit down and he lost his balance and slammed into the ticket machine/box to pay the tolls.

He's been at home for the past three days with a dislocated shoulder, and as I can't be home with him (I'm housesitting for a coworker of my mother's), and it's put a damper on both his work and his health, as he is both in alot of pain and he can't drive himself to meetings for work and has to have a coworker drive him around.

So bus drivers along that route, please be careful!