February 13th, 2007

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A note to the driver of bus #4411 on route 8-2, leaving Billings around 12:40:

The bus is NOT a sports car!

Don't tell me you were running late, you dawdled around at Billings before racing up the transitway.

Even if we want to say (which I don't) that racing on the transitway is acceptable, once you go up the ramp and onto Walkley, you are on public streets. It is niether required nor prudent to try to go from 0-60 in the 5 seconds after you leave the stop.

Please drive more gently, and with the passengers in mind!
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You did good.

I have to give kudos to this bus driver.

On Saturday morning, around 9am I was on my way to winterlude, and was pressed for time.   I got on my local bus, the #2, on Montreal Rd, a couple blocks west of St Laurent blvd.  I sat down near the front of the bus, beside the second bumper pad (you know where the seats go up for the wheelchairs?). 

 We drove about two blocks, and were passed on the left by a large truck on the left.  I don't acutally remember this happening, but that's what I was told later.  Next thing I know we're banging against the sidewalk, and the driver has slammed on the breaks.  I poke my head around the seat, and see us rear end of the truck.  We continue to bump against the side of the sidewalk, before the left side corner of the front of the bus hits the back of the truck.

Oh OC driver, I can see that this accident could have been alot more serious, if you hadn't known what to do.  I was really impressed that no one was injured and you were okay.  The jolt wasn't that big, but nonetheless we did feel it on the bus.  I'm glad that the people standing up didn't end up breaking limbs or that people weren't thrown from their seats.  I was just happy that it wasn't serious enough for you to sustain injuries, which means you were able to take charge of the situation. 

I hope that you didn't get in trouble for the accident.  What didn't impress me was the fact that all the people sitting on the curb-side of the bus who probably had a much better view of what the truck did, did not stay to be witnesses. 

Thanks for your judgement and your experience.
When roadwarrier said in the last post that people are being 'taught to drive' by oc transpo, so long as they have customer service experience, this disturbs me.  People should realise that while bus drivers may not always be the nicest of people, I would rather have a mean bus driver who knows what to do, in case I ever end up in a situation like that ever again.  The driver seemed to be pretty nice the bit I did talk to him, but if I had to choose, I would much rather have my life than someone who was 'nice to me'.

Any thoughts?
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An amusing bus ride...

I started out on the 118 Kanata (like always) Standing up by the middle doors...attempting to read my book while holding onto the bar...didn't turn out to well. Eventually I got a seat. When we were coming to Bells Corners past the Butcher Shop area I heard someone whistling / singing. I couldn't figure out if it was coming from the end of the bus, or from the front. I glanced around, and I could see the lady sitting infront of me looking around for the music as well.
At first, I thought it was someones music blaring loudly again... then, It turned out to be the bus driver singing quietly to himself. He only spoke loudly when announcing the street names for some passengers and to say hello / good bye to those getting off. I don't remember the song he was whistling / singing but it was catchy. I had it stuck in my head for a couple of hours later. I only know a couple of people that can actually whistle a full song, nicely and on key. The bus driver made my list of people I've heard whistling in tune.

Keep the singing bus drivers coming =)
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things to do today

a question concerning your not-everyday working dog (gude-dog) on buses..

My friend and i got on the #8 headed to hull on sunday afternoon, to go to the museum of civilization. My friend has a working dog, not your normal-everyday working dog mind you, it's a hearing dog, because my friend has a cauclear (sp?) implant, so he's small, and a terrier. When i'm w/my friend, i'm used to people whispering things, and noticing it, and questioning it, and i usually just mention he's a working dog, and why he's different than you're usual working dog. But i've never seen a problem when on an oc transpo bus before, till thist past sunday. the bus driver asked to see her pass for her dog, so i showed it to him, and he said "i'll accept it, but she'll have to get the right pass" ..it is the right pass, it's for the guidedog's, and has a picture of her and her dog on it, w/their names.. and her dog has his guidedog's coat on as well.. i think that's enough to prove the fact he's a working dog, so there shouldn't have been a problem

I'd just like to know what everyone's thoughts on guide dogs are, especially when they're not your everyday run of the mill guide dog.. you know, the labs and all.. what would you think if you saw a different kind of guide dog than you're used to seeing? Would you have made a huge fuss about it if you were the bus driver?

Yes, i understand there will always be people questioning it.. that won't change.. i just want to know people's thoughts on the matter over here, since i told my friend i'd make a post concerning it..

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This morning, there were Payment Police on the bus! Awesome, because I've never seen them before. I luckily had a transfer so no trouble there. I was only vaguely considering actually USING that trasnfer, but I got it anyway. So it's a good thing I grabbed it then! Also I ended up using it. I'm guessing it's a good thing to get a transfer whether you need it or not. I wonder what happens if you don't have one?

And thanks to the driver who asked if I was okay after I tripped into the bus.
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Two things


For those of you have have ridden the double decker bus, don't forget to write into OC and tell them what you though of it.

I rode it Monday, and while it was a novelty, I don't think it is worth the expenditure. It's just too small inside, you can't stand up top, you can't stand in the back on the bottom. The seats are also very close together, four people can't sit in all the seats in the back. I also found it annoying that the only stop request light was on the bottom, at the back, and there was no bell. As has been said before, the money would be better spent on more artics.

Second, here is a sneak peak at transit changes that may be coming down the pipe:


Read it!

Some highlights that I found:

94, all day in both directions, (I can shop on Innes now!)
95, 96, 97 increasing service during peak periods (yeah, right)
118 starting/ending during the peak at Place d’Orléans (WTF? as if it isn't unreliable enough now)

Remember, these are proposed changes, so if you like them, or not let your councilors, those on the Transit Committee, and the Mayor know ASAP!