February 9th, 2007

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Arrival Times on TV Monitors

Are the arrival times on the tv monitors at certains stops (Rideau Center, Billings Bridge, etc.) based on the bus schedule or on the GPS system that OC Transpo employs? Having missed my connection last night at Billings, even though I was 3 minutes early as per the monitor, I'm not sure I really see the point if the monitors are based on the bus schedules that are posted at every stop.

My apologies if this question has already been covered in this group.

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i noticed this morning and this afternoon on both albert and slater streets that there are large standing signs indicating that each bus only makes 1 stop per bus stop (not multiples when in a line of other busses). it indicates how to go about being aware and to accomplish not missing your bus and what to do if you require assistance. i was off thursday and this is the first that i've seen this so this may be old news (?). i guess it's a good thing and actually makes the policy concrete (now that it's prominently posted). i don't know about others but i do try my bestest to adhear to this policy but i have bad eyesight and sometimes the busses stop really close together thus not being able to see the route number. any other comments?
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My OC Transpo adventure for the day (and many thanks to both of these drivers for being just awesome)

To the driver of the 4 Hurdman today at 6:46pm - thank you very much for the day pass. Totally random, but very appreciated. :)

To the driver of the 4 Downtown (via Carleton) at 9:42 who picked my friend and I up from Billings - thank you so very much. Background story for this one, one of the elevators at the Billings OC station was broken (again) so we (both my friend and I are in wheelchairs) had to contact OC to get a bus because we couldn't catch ours otherwise. So they rerouted the #4 to come pick us up downstairs, which was very much awesome.

So thanks to both of these drivers for just about making my day. :)
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