January 26th, 2007

abby genius

What is it, Backwards Day?

No one told me today was Backwards Day.

The setting: Just after 9pm, Carleton University. Crowds of students, being as classes ending at 9 just let out.

Both of the 4s pulled up, articulated buses, one behind the other. Crowds of students surge towards them. NEITHER of the drivers opened the back doors, making loading everyone in the front a hugely time-consuming process.

Then, after I got to Billings Bridge and went to get on an 8 to get home, people just kept on piling at the back of this non-articulated bus.

Actually, come to think of it, it isn't just Backwards Day, it is Backwards Week. This has been how things have been going for roughly the past week or so - artics don't let people on at the back, but non-artics do. Craziness.
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A Day in San Francisco's Muni bus system

Usual ghetto girls high on drugs: Why is the bus late? (Said in a nasty, obnoxious manner) (Oh, I forgot... In an entitled manner.)
Your friendly SF Driver: The same reason why you never have a fare.

When she got off, she was greeted by her husband waiting for her at the stop. They then stepped in front of the bus and just stood there for 2 minutes, blocking the bus. Before that, she stood by the corner of the bus pretending to wait for me. When she heard the engine start, it was her cue to step in front of the bus for a forced accident. I saw her a mile away (so to speak). I knew what she was up to. Then her son in a bike decided to go in front of the bus and S-l-o-w-l-y move away while threatening me that he is going to sue if I hit him.

I love my days in the hood. It's called San Francisco's Bay View and Hunter's Point district. One of the heart of SF's crime ground zero.

I think I need a drink...

transit chief fired with cause gets $140,000 severance

from cbc.ca: Fired after 6 months, transit chief gets 12 months' severance

and after only six months on the job. i would love to work somewhere for six months, do something nasty enough worth getting fired over, and still get handed a year of severance. wow. no wonder this city's budget is in the shithole.
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