January 25th, 2007


When a claustrophobic, antisocial, misogynistic chick with OCD takes public transit...

One of my huge pet peeves is when you're standing on a bus and people lean against you. Like, STRANGERS leaning against you. I even hate it when my boyfriend does it, because it makes me feel closed-in and like I'm going to fall. I have very little upper body strength and can barely keep myself upright sometimes. I understand when a bus is crowded, once in awhile during a hard brake, someone might fall against you and have no choice but to use you for support until they can get their bearings again. But I really hate when people lean against you on purpose.

I had this one teenager yesterday on the 95 who was either too stupid to realize I was a person and not part of the bus, or too stupid to grab the pole she could reach instead of the hand strap she couldn't, but either way, I wanted to rip her filthy hair off my coat and shove it down her throat. Oh yeah, add that to my list, I also hate other people's hair. I'm lots of fun at parties xD

Honey, I may not be little, but I'm not a man, you don't need to rub against me.

What would you people do in this case? The way I handled it may not have been nice, but it got the job done. I pretended to spazz out when the bus moved and flailed about, butting into her and throwing her off of me. By the third time, she got the picture and held onto the pole.

Also? I have had people take my picture on their cell phone on the bus THREE TIMES now. What the hell? What am I supposed to do?? I realize they're probably just bored and snapping pictures of random things and the bus is almost empty, but jesus, it creeps me out. Should I say something when someone does that? Seems to me it would be embarassing for both of us. Maybe I should whip out my cell and take THEIR picture?
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City on the verge of approving $145M in transitway expansions

City on the verge of approving $145M in transitway expansions
By Krystle Chow, Ottawa Business Journal Staff
Thu, Jan 25, 2007 8:00 AM EST

The city of Ottawa is looking to move ahead with a draft budget that speeds up $145-million worth of major OC Transpo Transitway expansions – perhaps even without the recommendations of the newly chosen transportation task force.

Council members are very close to approving a draft budget which includes a series of projects that were originally slated to start in 2008 or 2009, including the expansion of the Transitway from Bayshore Avenue to Moodie Drive in the west, and from Trim Road to Navan Road in the east.

Mayor Larry O'Brien on Tuesday announced a six-member advisory body to discuss different transit options after former mayor Bob Chiarelli's light-rail plan fell apart.

The task force is set to report back to Mayor O'Brien with recommendations by June 1, but councillors were torn on the subject of whether to delay any major decisions on transit until then.

As well, the city is still waiting to see what happens with Siemens, the company selected to build the original north-south light rail project, as there is still the chance of a lawsuit.

However, city staff are hoping that at least one problem that occurred with the cancellation of the last plan will be averted this time, as it is seeking guarantees from the federal and provincial governments that the $400-million light-rail budget will also be available for other projects.

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dear creepy guy who sat across from me on the bus,
when you're staring at someone and they start to glare at you, THAT MEANS LOOK AWAY. do not continue staring or else they'll make octranspo lj posts about you.

When stupid people get on non-articulated busses.

Heading downtown on the 97 this afternoon to work. Sitting beside a woman (I was on the aisle seat). At Billings Bridge, a lot of people got on, but not to the point where people standing up were inches away from each other. First of all, the woman beside me rang the bell like 5 seconds before the Smyth station, and I got up to let her get out, but the people standing up beside my seat literally were NOT moving, even though they had plenty of space. I gave them a tiny nudge and said excuse me loud enough, and then out of no where, the lady wanting to get off shoved me out of the way. How rude, for all of them. Then before I could even get back in my seat, the people that wouldn't move for me sat down before I could! What the hell was wrong with people today? So I found another seat that had emptied at Hurdman and sat down by the window, and some old guy sat beside me. At Mackenzie King, I got up to get off the bus, and stood there waiting for him to move, which he did, but not before staring at me with a super annoyed look on his face. By the end of this bus ride, I really wanted to hit someone on the head with my bag.