January 6th, 2007

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I generally do try to not complain about drivers ... but here goes nothing.

To the bus driver of the 4 Dowtown at 3:40pm ... You made me scared to actually BE on the bus.  First, the whole glaring thing and lack of even a smile kinda freaked me out. And then DRIVING the bus before I was able to put my brakes on and half the people being unable to sit down before the bus started moving -- Ack!

Just a common curteousy to wait 30 seconds so people can sit down (and I can secure my brakes so the wheelchair isn't colliding with people on the bus) would be greatly appreciated. Not to mention the fact you weren't late so there's no reason for being that rushed.
  • raiyne

To Stephane

... the driver of the 147 at 9:15 last night.

YOU ROCK. That was the best (only!) bus chase I've ever been on.


I work on the base, and as anyone who deals with that bus knows, it's kind of a pain. After work we were waiting and the bus was a little late. We were getting a bit nervous because in the past drivers have been notorious for not doing the run since it runs only once an hour (hardly anyone uses it during non-peak hours) and because if we miss the 97 (the one we generally catch when the bus is on time) it messes up the rest of our schedualing and I get home at 10:30 instead of 10 (which makes a huge difference if you have to be back at work for 10 am, another hour bus ride).

So the bus comes and we hop on, and driver says, "Sorry I'm late, I know you ladies have to make your bus." and so he speeds around the base, picks up two guys on hunt club, and seemingly hits every red light between here and South Keys. There's only the five of us passengers on the bus and he's trying to make good time. We pull into South Keys and see the 97 pulling away. "I'll get him at Greenboro," driver smiles, and putts along behind hte 97. We catch up to it and instead of going into his resting spot (the 147, I mean) he pulls up right behind the bus and beeps his horn and flashes his lights multiple times. As he opens the door to his bus, the 97 pulls out. "I can't believe that!" exclaims Steph, "I know the driver saw my lights." And so he says, "Don't worry, we'll catch it."

So all five of us are crowded around him near the front (but not past the yellow line, because we know the Rules) and he chases the 97 up to Walkley, where he says, "I'll take you to Heron so that you can actually get it and it won't pull away on you." So he zooms past the 97, neeeeeets his horn, and drops us off at Heron. "I'm not authorized to go to Billings," he says apologetically. "Tell the driver of the 97 that the driver of the 147 says thanks for waiting." We got off the bus, and he pulled around and went back to Greenboro. The 97 pulled up and we got on the bus and didn't say anything, because we were afraid the bus driver was going to shank us for being crazy. The end. : )

Anyways I understand the 97 has a schedule to keep, even when a bus is clearly signalling it that it has passengers that would like to transfer in the station when it's stopped, but it was just really nice that the driver was so accomodating and had a sense of humour about him. Kudos, I look forward to Monday!