January 4th, 2007

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Bus drags teen

”Bus drags teen
Pal pulls rider from wheels

Shawn Corrigall-Mathews, 19, is seen recovering at his home in Ottawa yesterday after being hit by a OC Transpo bus at the Lincoln Fields transit station on New Year's Eve.
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  • aerya

Seat giver-upper

Hi guys,

Thought about sharing this thing that happened tonight on the 96 leaving Bank Street at 4:55pm towards Stittsville/Kanata.

I'm the first person to get on the small (as usual, no artic one for the 96) bus, and I notice that I'm also the first person who has to stand, as all the seats are taken, but nobody's standing. So, as I'm smart enough and know that the bus is gonna get packed, I make my way to the total back of the bus, so people could move along and such.

Note that I have a big purse and I had my subway dinner in a baggie. And then the guy sitting in the seat I'm standing next to asks me if I'd like to sit, so I say "Sure, thank you!" Because it totally surprised me that someone would offer me their seat, out of nowhere as I'm not pregnant, do not look it either, and don't have any physical problem. So as I take the seat, I ask him if he's getting off soon, and he says "No." Which got me thinking "WHA?!"

Either this guy:
1- Preferred standing than having me possibly hit him once in a while with my purse
2- Saw how smart I was to go directly to the back of the bus when getting on and wanted to reward me for it
3- Didn't want to have to stare at my Subway bag the entire ride, making him hungry.

He ended up getting off at the same stop I did, just before Bayshore (in front of the mall). So he had to stand a long way!

I'm totally awestruck by this! Anyone ever had someone do this for them?

Thanks dude, you made my day!
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