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Sensible O-Train Plan
ikarus8737 wrote in octranspo

This is the most logical solution for Light-Rail. It benefits the greatest number of riders and makes a vast improvement to the quality and reliability of the transit system, freeing up buses to be redeployed where they are needed. It doesn't require the wasteful dismantaling and closure of the current diesel O-Train and the Downtown part can be expanded as part of an east-west network.

My only question is where were the "Friends Of The O-Train" with this most reasonable soulution 1 or 2 years ago. Maybe this whole "signed contract" mess we're in now could have been avoided.

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Many people who live in big cities with LRT or Subways have to transfer 2 and 3 times to get where they are going. Ottawa's "bus from every neighborhood to the downtown core" system is no longer sustainable. We have to move to a big city hub and spoke model.

A 3 car train would be about the same length as 2 articulated buses. Every platform along Albert/Slater can handle that and then some.

I would imagine it would be in a dedicated lane. Hopefully the City would also choose to eliminate right turns and right side of the street parking along Albert and Slater to minimise interaction between the train and cars.

As far as incidents like yesterday, they would have to come up with a plan so that buses would be redirected to shuttle people to Hurdman/Bayview, the same as what the TTC would do if a Subway line was disrupted.

As far as construction disruptions, one of Albert and Slater could be closed for construction while the other street could have 2 way bus traffic. For the MacKenzie to Hurdman construction, one side of the transitway would be closed for construction while the other side would alternate for bus traffic: A.M westbound, P.M eastbound. The other traffic would be rerouted using the Queensway/Riverside.

well i guess when you put it like that, it all sounds good then.

but you're right, if they make the right lane a dedicated route and took out all the parking and the right lane turns it'd make for a nice run... i guess for some reason i had envisioned slightly differently, i.e. based off of the current O-train schema, where it by-passes traffic completely, like a monorail or something...

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