Just an Idea

So I was reading the web on my phone (while on the bus) and decided to take a look up. I found there were nine other people doing the exact same thing as me.

And then I thought this bus has its GPS location uploaded to the internet every few seconds. It would be trivial and cheep to turn the bus into a mobile hot spot.

Has anybody at OC ever considered this?
They could even turn it into a revinue generator, by adding extra to the monthly pass if you wanted WIFI access on all busses.

2 great things on the bus today

Had 2 great female bus drivers today.
First, while I was standing waiting for the 143 (which only goes once an hour), the same bus in the other direction came by, and the driver stopped it, depsite no one getting on or off, and called me over from the window, said she just does the loop so i might as well come for the ride instead of waiting outside. Very nice.
Then, later, on a different bus, on riverside, a very busy road, these 2 nutters were jaywalking slowly across the road, literally stopping traffic. this was not at an intersection. the bus and cars barely avoiding them, and they were doing it to get to the bus. so when she opened her doors she gave them a lecture about waiting for the next bus and it being dangerous, etc.

Just sharing.

One way OC is losing at least $14 Million per year.

According to http://ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/tc/2012/01-26/01%20-%20Doc%201.pdf 

We have 53000 Upasses.

A Upass is the equivalent of a rural express pass that costs a Student $113.00 per month.

A Upass costs $180.00 for four (4) months.

53 000 u passes @ $180 term = $9 540 000
53 000 u passes @ $113 x 4 months (student rural express pass)  = $23 956 000
The City of Ottawa / Oc Transpo is losing $14 416 000 on the Upass deal.

...but it's revenue neutral or charity?

- Jstagrl xox

Confused about SW Transitway

This may seem like a stupid question, but I have never ridden the south-western Transitway before. Does the 95 stop at Woodroffe? The OC Transpo webpage for 95 makes no mention of a Woodroffe stop. The map shows it going directly from Baseline to Fallowfield.  Google maps shows a stop at Woodroffe. I'm guessing that because Woodroffe isn't technically on the Transitway, they don't show the stop. But how am I supposed to find out? (Before you warn me, I already know the 95X only goes to Baseline.)

I know that on local routes, they leave minor stops off the maps and schedules. But shouldn't there be a way to get a list of EVERY possible stop of a certain route from the OC Transpo website? It seems like this would be an important feature.

Oh noes I dropped my Ipod

I was on a 95 bus on Thursday morning happily listening to my ipod when my stop at Tunney's came along. The bus was pretty packed full of people and I was sitting near the front. As I got up, my headphones got snagged on someone's bag and the ipod flew out of my purse, detached from the earbuds and landed in places unknown. I frantically yelled for everyone around me to check under their feet for the offending ipod. Nowhere.

I mentioned the bus was packed. The silence was deafening. I was searching for a good minute and a half which is an eternity in rush hour with people gawping at you. Finally a girl said she thought she saw it go in between the cracks of my seat. I asked the lady who was sitting next to me to stand up. I folded the seat over and there my ipod was, resting on a metal bar that was otherwise hidden from view. I yelled out "Thank you so much. I'm so sorry!" A fellow passenger said "At least you got it back."

THANK YOU a million times to the driver who stayed put until I got my ipod. He could have driven to the next stop after impatience gave way to exasperation but he stayed at the station while I searched. I immediately called OC Transpo once I got to my office but I was in such a tizzy that I forgot to get the bus' number. I really hope that the wonderful lady in customer service got the message out to you. If not, maybe you're a reader on here. And thank you to my fellow riders who were hopefully not late for work as a result of a fluke incident.

**On a side note, had my ipod been lost forever, I was relieved in retrospect to have such an awesome playlist on the go. I don't know why, but someone searching my ipod and finding NKOTB on there is like being rescued from a burning building while wearing dirty underwear.
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I was on a 95 Orleans at Lincoln Fields last night around 10:45, and a transit cop got on, made everyone along the back of the bus stand up, looked around then left.

Anyone know WHY? I've never had that happen, haha.