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Confused about SW Transitway
roguemountie wrote in octranspo
This may seem like a stupid question, but I have never ridden the south-western Transitway before. Does the 95 stop at Woodroffe? The OC Transpo webpage for 95 makes no mention of a Woodroffe stop. The map shows it going directly from Baseline to Fallowfield.  Google maps shows a stop at Woodroffe. I'm guessing that because Woodroffe isn't technically on the Transitway, they don't show the stop. But how am I supposed to find out? (Before you warn me, I already know the 95X only goes to Baseline.)

I know that on local routes, they leave minor stops off the maps and schedules. But shouldn't there be a way to get a list of EVERY possible stop of a certain route from the OC Transpo website? It seems like this would be an important feature.

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I think that there is actually a transitway stop that is called Woodroffe in Barhaven. Having never been out there, I"m not sure what goes out there and I"m assuming it's like dominion that's like a whistle stop right near westboro.

Other than that I"m no help.

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